steps involved in buying a house in liverpool

The steps required in purchasing a home in Liverpool


Why should you purchase in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a great location to buy a home because of its low property prices and strong sense of community.

It is an important port city on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary, and it is known as Liverpool. The metropolis and metropolitan borough of Liverpool can be found on the English peninsula of Merseyside.

The city of Liverpool is well-known because it was the birthplace of The Beatles, who are often considered the most important pop group in history. As a result, the ‘fab four’ have become a major draw for visitors to the city.


Among Liverpool’s many selling points are the city’s:

  • rates that are within reach for homeowners
  • vast regrowth over the previous two decades
  • references to the Beatles and other popular music groups like the Gerry and the Pacemakers, Elvis Costello, OMD, and Echo and the Bunnymen
  • There is a friendly but fierce rivalry between the Liverpool and Everton football teams.
  • Liverpool’s Albert Docks and the Mersey
  • British humor with a “Scouse” twist
  • close vicinity to Formby, West Kirby, and Crosby beaches
  • The Tate Liverpool, a museum and exhibition of art
  • Rapid transit system for the people of Merseyside

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Real estate in Liverpool

Because of its low house prices, Liverpool is a popular destination for both first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade. Due to the high volume of students and visitors, the area is also a safe option for property owners.

As of 31 March 20201, there were approximately 232,100 dwellings in Liverpool.

The following is a breakdown of the property count in Liverpool based on the various property types available there:

  • detached – 11,650
  • semi-detached – 52,130
  • terraced – 97,830
  • flat/maisonette – 63,660
  • bungalows – 6,250

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Cost of homes in Liverpool

Liverpool’s home values have dropped 1.51 percent in the past year.


In Liverpool, the average price of a flat was £155,095 last year, while the average price of a terraced home was £123,955.

Liverpool’s July 2021 average home price of £162,259 was significantly lower than the UK average of roughly £255,535.3

What is the typical asking price for a home in Liverpool?

  • detached house is £319,001
  • semi-detached house is £198,618
  • terrace house is £141,916
  • flat is £125,097

How much money you’ll need to survive in Liverpool

The cost of living in Liverpool is lower than in other major British towns like Manchester and London.

Listed below are some samples of typical prices in Liverpool:

  • Internet at 8 Mbps for 1 month is £22.
  • Travelcard valid for one month, £54
  • Cappuccino, standard size, £2.93
  • A single cocktail at a bar will set you back £8.
  • Cost of a membership to a club in the city center: £21
  • Theater ticket: £40

Liverpool’s first-time homebuyers

Due to the city’s affordable housing market, Liverpool is a popular destination for first-time purchasers.

Based on the typical monthly mortgage payment as a percentage of annual salary, this region is one of the top 10 most affordable in the UK for first-time buyers in 2021.

Liverpool’s typical first-time buyer house price in July 2021 was £143,479. This is considerably less than the norm in England, which is currently £226,474.

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Purchases with the intent to rent in Liverpool

Real estate investors looking to purchase homes to sell out will find many options in Liverpool.

The current state of the housing market, with its low rates, is favorable for real estate investors. In addition, the city is becoming increasingly desirable as a location to call home due to its expanding economy, enhanced infrastructure, and continuous investment.

Liverpool is predicted to be one of the top 10 UK cities for rental yield in 2021, with an expected rental yield of 4.62% for a buy-to-let property.

Tens of thousands of students can be found in need of housing in Liverpool due to the city’s concentration of higher education institutions like the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University, and Liverpool John Moores University.

Travelers flock to the city, too, creating a booming industry for hotels and motels.

If you plan to sell out your home, you should get a mortgage that allows for rental income. Read our comprehensive guidance for landlords and investors to learn more.

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Developments in Liverpool’s New Construction Sector

Newer houses typically sell for a premium over older ones.

The typical price for these items will be in May of 2021.

  • The average cost of a brand-new Liverpool home was £226,271 in 2017.
  • The average price of an elderly home in Liverpool was £153,251 in 2014.