best way to buy house in Glasgow

Learn everything you need to know before purchasing a low-cost house in Glasgow, UK


Why should you purchase a house in Glasgow?

Glasgow, Scotland’s and the United Kingdom’s fourth-largest metropolis, is a major economic and cultural hub. Its lower cost of living compared to other UK cities has made this city on the River Clyde a popular place to purchase a home.

Top Benefits of living in Glasgow

  • The fantastic shopping districts, home to a dizzying selection of department stores, specialty shops, and boutiques
  • There are over 20 museums and art galleries in Glasgow, some of the most popular being the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the Glasgow Science Centre.
  • Glasgow is a hub for the performing arts, hosting the Scottish Opera, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and Scottish Ballet.
  • The Royal Concert Hall, a popular venue for rock and dance concerts.
  • Its Keen Eye for Respectable Colleges
  • Cultural variety among its people
  • The abundance of fantastic restaurants and bars
  • Sports history: In 2014, it was the host city for the Commonwealth Games.
  • The scenic rural area to which we are adjacent
  • Its affordability in comparison to other major UK towns

Glasgow property

Because purchasing a house is such a significant commitment, it is critical to have a solid understanding of the local real estate climate in the communities that are of interest to you.


In Glasgow:

  • According to the most recent statistics available from 2018, there are approximately 310 000 residential properties.
  • Approximately 302,000 of these homes have residents living in them, while the remaining 8,000 are uninhabited.
  • In Glasgow, approximately 45% of properties are inhabited by their respective owners.
  • There are approximately 19% of homes in Glashow that are leased out privately.

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Prices of homes in Glasgow

According to the statistics provided by the Land Registry, the typical price of a home in Glasgow in the year 2020 was £140,523.²

The overall cost of living in Glasgow, Scotland, increased by 4.6% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Prices in Glasgow are only marginally higher than those in Aberdeen, where the typical home went for £140,285 in the year 2020. Glasgow’s average prices are slightly lower than those in Edinburgh. They are still a substantial discount in comparison to Edinburgh, where the typical home cost around £280,000.

The expense of maintaining one’s lifestyle in Glasgow

Living costs in Glasgow are lower than those in Edinburgh, as well as in many other English places. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people from the south of England migrate up to Glasgow in the north of Scotland.

Comparatively, the cost of living in Glasgow is 38% lower than in London.


The following are some instances of the prices of various items in Glasgow:

  • regular cappuccino – £2.89
  • pint of beer – £4.30
  • monthly travel pass – £65
  • gym membership per month – £25
  • cinema ticket – £9.50

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Glasgow residents who are buying their first home

The lower than average cost of housing in Glasgow, in addition to the city’s appeal to a large number of youthful people, makes it an excellent location for first-time homebuyers.

Research conducted by OneFamily in 2019 reveals the following:

  • In comparison to other major locations in the United Kingdom, Glasgow offers the most reasonable prices for first-time buyers.
  • The ratio of the average house price in Glasgow to the average annual income is the most favorable of any city in the United Kingdom, standing at £122,500.
  • In Glasgow, which has the lowest average mortgage rate of any city in the UK, the yearly salary is only 3.5 times the amount of the average mortgage.

In comparison to the average age of first-time purchasers across the United Kingdom, which is 27, the average age of buyers in Glasgow is 30.

The buy-to-let market in Glasgow

People who are interested in purchasing a house for the purpose of renting it out to tenants will find a great deal of opportunity in Glasgow.

Because Glasgow has such a sizable student population, there is a significant amount of competition for leased housing.

There are five postcodes in Glasgow that are ranked among the top 25 regions in the United Kingdom for rental yields. G52 had the greatest overall performance. Hillington, Cardonald, Penilee, and Mosspark are some of the neighborhoods that are included in this location. Investors in this property can anticipate a dividend return of 8.71% on their investment.

If you choose to hire out your property, you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate type of mortgage.

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Glasgow’s newest constructions

A newly constructed house will have a higher price tag than an older property.

In the year 2020, the expense of the typical newly constructed home in Scotland was $192,107. The price of a resold residence was, on average, £138,484.