Duma employs a marketing executive

Duma employs a marketing executive


Marketing Executive

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience:
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Job Field: Sales / Marketing / Retail / Business Development


  • Create a plan for using digital media to advertise your business
  • Determine how the organization will put its digital strategy into action.
  • Control the company’s online profiles.
  • Formulate the Offline Marketing plan for the organization.
  • Bring to fruition the offline marketing strategies of the organization.
  • All marketing efforts should result in new leads and potential customers.
  • Locate, join, and participate in appropriate Marketing-related online and
  • Measuring the results of marketing efforts on a monthly basis.

Relationship Management With Customers

  • Create a plan for how the company will interact with its customers.
  • Set up a system for regular monthly contact with your customers and stick to it.
  • Maintain a database of client comments and grievances, and act on them as soon as possible.
  • Gain Feedback from Customers Once Every Three Months
  • Prospect new business and generate leads from current clientele.

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Managing Suppliers

  • Manage and facilitate relationships with suppliers.
  • Take in and put into practice the Organization’s Vendor Standards and Requirements
  • Examine the company’s procedure for managing its Vendors with an eye toward making it more efficient.
  • Keep up a friendly, mutually beneficial relationship with your vendors.

Generating Leads

  • Acquire new customers and locate viable business opportunities inside the target market.
  • Make sure to follow up on any leads that haven’t been reached yet.
  • Collaborate closely with Sales to convert prospects into paying customers, and expand the sales funnel, all in an effort to reliably meet quarterly revenue targets.
  • Prospect connection building and maintenance requires proactive contact.
  • Engaging in follow-up conversations to advance leads through the sales pipeline.
  • Keeps meticulous records, including interactions with customers.


  • Certified Digital Marketing Plan
  • Consensus offline marketing strategy approval
  • Successful Customer Implementation Plan
  • Confirmed Strategy for Working with Suppliers
  • Enhanced Digital Communication Within the Organization
  • Digital marketing’s contribution to the total number of leads created.
  • Quantity of Promotional Activities
  • Quantity of Prospects Attracted by Traditional Marketing Methods.
  • Proposals to include suppliers
  • Promotional Report Every Month
  • Keeping Customers Happy: A Monthly Report
  • Report on Vendor Participation Every Quarter

Application Method

Are you interested and qualified? Go to Duma works on www.linkedin.com to apply