Summit's Social Media & Marketing Executive

Summit’s Social Media & Marketing Executive


Manager of Marketing and Social Media

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
  • Experience: 1 year
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Job Field: Media / Advertising / BrandingĀ 

Employment Duties of a Social Media and Marketing Executive

  • Create a monthly social media calendar and a system for measuring and reporting on the success of your marketing efforts, which should include a focus on growing your fan base.
  • Possess the ability to create all promotional materials for the event from scratch.
  • Grow and manage an email list of customers; compile material for partners like advertising agencies.
  • Create and release web newsletters on a consistent schedule.
  • Recruit new partners and keep existing ones healthy in the sector
  • Website content development, regular updating, and analytics tracking
  • You need to figure out what makes these eating establishments tick and what draws in clients. Keeping an eye on feedback from clients will help you figure out where you can improve. Communicate with customers face-to-face or through follow-up calls.
  • Look at studies done in the hospitality sector to see if there are any patterns that could have an impact on the eatery.

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Job Requirements for a Social Media and Marketing Executive

  • Required Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies or Related Field
  • Experience in marketing and social media for at least one year
  • Passionate about marketing and hosting hospitality events
  • Knowledge of Google Docs and/or Microsoft Office
  • autonomous and sure of one’s own business judgment
  • Use your imagination to make do with little
  • Proficient time management skills under pressure Possessing excellent relationship-building skills and negotiating savvy with external parties.
  • Exhibited proficiency in planning, coordinating, and organizing
  • Record of dependability, effort, dedication, and attention to detail in previous employment.
  • Availability to work on the weekends and travel
  • Required to provide samples of their prior work in the fields of photography and art
  • You need at least a year of experience working in a restaurant, hotel, hospitality, or internet marketing setting.

Application Method

For open positions at Summit HR, please email your resume to [email protected]. Include “social media and marketing executive” as the job title you’re applying for.