Jobs in South America that you can perform without a work permit


Discover South America, a continent rich in natural wonders and diverse landscapes. From the lush Amazon jungle shared by Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, to the majestic Andes mountain range spanning Chile and Peru, South America offers an unparalleled adventure. Argentina’s blend of modern allure and scenic beauty, including glacial lakes and desert landscapes, awaits.




With its affordability akin to many parts of Asia, South America remains a haven for backpackers seeking budget-friendly exploration. Its vast size and easy access to Western markets like North America make it an enticing destination for both travel and employment opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to the region, explore our nation guides to uncover the perfect South American job and travel experience tailored just for you

Teach English

All of the South American countries have a genuine need for qualified English teachers because of their close proximity to North America and the recent surge in tourism. Poverty is rampant and education levels are persistently low in rural parts of nations like Bolivia and Brazil. Even though a lot of these teaching jobs are volunteer-based, you can be sure that you’re improving the lives of those you instruct rather than merely generating revenue for a business.

Work in an Orphanage

Many South American nations, like Colombia and Venezuela, have had stormy histories, much like those in Asia. Sadly, many children now live without parents as a result of the coups, guerilla warfare, and drug-related bloodshed of recent years. All throughout South America, there are orphanages teeming with needy children.

Volunteers from other countries can labour in South America, do great things, and build relationships with locals right away. Orphanages can be found in rural areas or in large metropolis. Just be sure that the group you affiliate with is respectable.

Rainforest Conservation

Working travellers who want to utilise their abilities to help maintain the “earth’s lungs” have plenty of options because the Amazon rainforest covers a large portion of the continent’s northern half. For instance, you can assist in the planting of new trees and do research on the foliage in Guyana to try to figure out how scientists might enhance conservation efforts. These spots go quickly, so begin your search as soon as possible.

Seasonal Employment in Southern America


Due to South America’s equatorial location and division into two hemispheres, seasonality varies greatly depending on one’s location. In late spring, outdoor work may involve clearing debris and fixing infrastructure damaged by the rainy season, as parts of Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia experience a late start to the rainy season. In deep south nations like Chile, the school year begins in the spring. Since the academic year lasts from March to December, teaching English in schools and on a private basis is not too difficult during this time of year.


In Argentina, summer turns into winter, so the lower temperatures are an excellent opportunity to visit cities like Buenos Aires and escape the country’s agricultural heartlands. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding paid employment in Argentina if you already hold a TOEFL qualification. Sometimes, universities and schools will hire foreign workers on a temporary basis. Summer is the busiest travel season in northern nations like Bolivia. Come work at hostels, hotels, and tourist cafes here now.



Since winter is the peak season in the southern hemisphere, this is also the lowest time of year for work and travel chances in nations like Chile, as ski visitors have already departed and backpackers have not yet arrived. But now is an excellent time to start getting ready for the busiest travel season of the year.

But in northern nations like Venezuela, autumn marks the beginning of the school year, making it the perfect time to find work. The high rate of teacher attrition makes now a great moment for tourists to obtain employment in large cities like Caracas.


Southern Hemisphere peak travel season. Travellers on backpacking trips will arrive from all over the world to destinations like Chile. Your focus should be on employment related to tourism, such as jobs at hostels or as an assistant for tour businesses.

Brazilian kids spend their summers attending sports camps and staying home from school. Football is by far the most popular sport here, as one might imagine. Attend a football camp, get to know the locals, and have a great time for one of the greatest volunteer opportunities in Brazil!


On the other side, your experience hiking along the backpacking path in a major country will be very different than travelling and working in a place like Guyana. In Guyana, most volunteer activities will put you in touch with the locals. Since the majority of visitors are frequently wealthy and take guided tours, they will be interested in learning more about you and your own country. Due to the difficulty of finding cheap travel to the country, backpackers do not visit us in great numbers.