Jobs in Australia that you can perform with or without a work permit


Considering working in Australia to fund your travels? Explore these options.

If you’re aged 18-35, you may qualify for a working holiday visa, enabling you to reside and work in Australia for up to one year.





With coffee being a beloved beverage nationwide, working as a barista offers opportunities for employment wherever your travels take you. In Perth, you might find yourself brewing at a beachside café, while in Melbourne, you could be crafting the trendy deconstructed cocktails often found in hipster coffee joints. The morning shifts as a barista leave ample time to enjoy the sunshine and beach in the afternoons, making it one of the most appealing aspects of the job.




Bartending is becoming a more attractive career option for working vacationers in Australia, since the country’s drink culture is expanding in several of its cities. In addition to getting paid well at first, you’ll have free time during the day, meet people in the community, and receive meal discounts. You can apply for positions year-round in modest pubs, upscale rooftop bars, wine bars, distilleries, and craft breweries across the nation.


Australia boasts a wide array of establishments, from quaint cafes to bustling restaurants, all in need of servers to maintain smooth dining operations. The flexibility to choose a schedule that suits your lifestyle is available, and no prior experience is necessary to begin. Explore popular job platforms such as Indeed and Seek, or simply visit restaurants in person and inquire about available positions.


In Australia, working vacationers often choose to become deckhands because the country has so many breathtaking aquatic sites. After all, you’ll get to meet other passengers who share your interests and the broad ocean will serve as your office. Seek employment opportunities on a yacht or catamaran in Australia’s well-known boating destinations, such Cairns and the Whitsundays. Along the coastline of practically every state in Australia, there are also opportunities available on fishing vessels.



Many working vacationers opt for general labor roles due to their competitive pay and often minimal prerequisite skills. Tasks may encompass a spectrum from basic construction to gardening, offering an opportunity to bask in Australia’s delightful climate while working outdoors. If you possess prior experience, numerous construction opportunities abound nationwide, especially for those skilled in areas such as welding, carpentry, or plumbing.


Receptionist roles offer an appealing blend of good pay and schedule flexibility, making it an attractive option for those seeking a rewarding profession. Typically starting at minimum wage, these positions often offer weekdays-only shifts, leaving weekends and evenings free for leisure or short getaways. While prior experience isn’t always mandatory, strong organizational skills and a grasp of administrative tasks can enhance your success in the role of a receptionist.


You can integrate into a regular Australian family and learn about their way of life by working as an au pair. Along with providing care and entertainment for the kids, your duties as an au pair may also include picking up and dropping off the kids at school, washing the kids’ clothes, and other household chores. Find the ideal fit in this field of work with the aid of organisations like Dream Nannies, AIFS, and Smart Au Pairs. Be advised that, depending on the state, parents frequently demand that you hold a current first aid certification and a Working With Children Check.


There are many farms in Australia that cultivate anything from apples to avocados. Because there is a shortage of labourers for picking and harvesting fruit on farms, working holidaymakers can experience rural Australia, get paid for their work, stay for free, and fulfil the three months of required work that most Working Holiday makers need to stay an extra year. Harvest Trail is an excellent tool for learning about harvest seasons and locating jobs throughout the year.


For working vacationers who like to obtain practical experience in business and customer relations, sales is a great career choice. In addition to potentially earning perks like in-store discounts and gaining useful skills that you can use to improve your resume when you get back home, the daytime hours will give you plenty of opportunity to explore and make new friends. In Australia, there are plenty of sizable malls where you can begin your hunt.


If you’re good at communicating with people, working in a call centre can be the ideal career choice for you. As a call centre operator, your duties will include responding to consumer inquiries, keeping track of client data, and forwarding calls to the relevant department. Working at a call centre can give you transferable abilities, such as organisation, data processing, and multitasking, that you may use in a wide variety of professions.


Backpackers and working vacationers frequently choose housekeeping jobs because they frequently provide free lodging in some of Australia’s most breathtaking locations, such the Daintree’s lush rainforest or Margaret River’s gorgeous seas. In addition to receiving pay for their labour, housekeepers at hostels, hotels, and boutique homestays occasionally have the option of volunteering a few hours each week in exchange for free lodging.


Immersing yourself in the heart of some of the world’s largest events offers invaluable professional experience. Melbourne hosts numerous significant annual events like the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Open, and the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. At the Australian Open alone, various roles such as site crew and hospitality staff are open for applicants. Additionally, event positions are available in other cities beyond Melbourne; explore opportunities at events like the Brisbane Festival, WOMAdelaide, and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for further possibilities.



While volunteering may not offer monetary compensation, it presents a valuable chance to develop essential skills while contributing to a cause close to your heart. Whether you choose to work on an organic farm for lodging and board, help preserve diverse ecosystems in Western Australia, or aid in the rehabilitation of Australian wildlife at a refuge in Queensland, each option promises a rewarding experience. Whichever path you take, you’ll leave Australia with a deeper appreciation for its people, landscapes, and wildlife, enriching your journey in remarkable ways.