How to Apply for Loans and Grants for UK Students

How to Apply for Loans and Grants for UK Students



Your eligibility for student aid will be determined by:

  • Student aid depends on:
  • university
  • course
  • if you studied higher education before
  • age?
  • nationality/residency

Application Procedures

New students from or who generally reside in England

Online applications are accepted by Student Finance England for the vast majority of full- and part-time students who are either English nationals or permanent residents.

  1. Create an online student financing account.
  2. Sign in and fill out the online application.
  3. If necessary, include your household income. These facts will be confirmed by your parent or partner.
  4. If necessary, provide evidence of identity.
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Students who are originally from, or who currently reside in, England

You are considered a continuing student if you:

  • progression to the following academic year
  • Students who are either doing the same subject again or returning to it after a break
  • switching from one course to another

Sign into your student finance account and submit an online application if you are a continuing student who is from or typically resides in England.

Returning to education after a break for personal reasons

If you stopped studying for personal reasons and are returning to school after more than a year, the approach is different. For example, if you were sick, pregnant, caring for someone, or a loved one died.

Send a letter with evidence stating why you suspended your studies.

The letter needs to include:

  • in the realm of educational funding, your customer reference number
  • a description of the circumstances under which you had to put your academic pursuits on hold

Examples of evidence that can be used to back up your claim are:

  • a formal letter on letterhead from your doctor or social services
  • a formal letter from your school’s letterhead
  • Certificates of Live Birth and Death

Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to submit more than one piece of documentation to justify the reason(s) you withdrew from your program.


Fresh EU Freshmen

Apply online for tuition and living expense assistance.

For tuition fee support exclusively, download and mail your form.

Within six weeks, you’ll receive a letter stating your payout.

Continuing EU students

Apply online for tuition and living expense assistance.

Tuition fee support applications are sent by mail. Check your address in student finance.