Jobs available in Australia with or without a work permit


Are you seeking employment in Australia with the desire to combine work with travel? Consider these options.

If you fall within the age range of 18-35, you qualify for a working holiday visa, granting you the opportunity to reside and work in Australia for a duration of one year.


Given the enduring popularity of coffee nationwide, pursuing a career as a barista offers the flexibility to secure employment wherever you find yourself. Picture yourself brewing at a beachside café in Perth or crafting the trendy deconstructed cocktails in the hipster coffee shops of Melbourne. The morning shifts typical for baristas provide ample opportunity to bask in the sun and enjoy afternoons at the beach, making it one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job.



Bartending is increasingly becoming an appealing career choice for those on a working vacation in Australia, given the expanding drink culture in various cities. Beyond the initial attractive pay, this role offers daytime flexibility, opportunities to connect with the local community, and meal discounts. Positions are available year-round in a range of establishments, from modest pubs to upscale rooftop bars, wine bars, distilleries, and craft breweries throughout the country.

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Australia boasts a variety of establishments, from quaint cafes to bustling restaurants, all in need of servers to maintain smooth operations in their dining spaces. The good news is that you have the flexibility to select a schedule that aligns with your lifestyle, and prior experience is not a prerequisite to begin. Explore opportunities on reputable employment platforms like Indeed and Seek, or simply visit restaurants in person to inquire about potential openings.


In Australia, many working vacationers opt to become deckhands, drawn by the abundance of stunning aquatic landscapes in the country. As a deckhand, you have the chance to connect with fellow passengers who share your interests, and the expansive ocean becomes your workplace. Explore employment possibilities on yachts or catamarans in renowned boating destinations like Cairns and the Whitsundays. Additionally, along the coastline of nearly every state in Australia, opportunities abound on fishing vessels.


Many working vacationers often find employment in general labor due to its competitive pay and the often minimal requirement for prior experience. Tasks may encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from basic construction to gardening, and the outdoor nature of the work provides the opportunity to relish Australia’s delightful weather. If you possess prior expertise, numerous construction positions are open nationwide, especially in fields like welding, carpentry, or plumbing.

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Opting for a profession that offers competitive pay and a flexible schedule? Receptionist roles may be your best bet. Starting typically at minimum wage, these positions often spare you from weekend and evening shifts, providing ample free time for quick getaways. While prior experience is not always mandatory, being well-organized and having a grasp of administrative tasks can contribute to your success in the role.



Immerse yourself in the daily life of an Australian family by taking on the role of an au pair. Beyond caring for and entertaining the children, au pair responsibilities may extend to tasks like school drop-offs, laundry, and various household chores. Organizations such as Dream Nannies, AIFS, and Smart Au Pairs can assist you in finding the perfect match for this type of work. Note that, depending on the state, parents often require au pairs to hold a current first aid certification and a Working With Children Check.


Australia boasts numerous farms cultivating a variety of crops, from apples to avocados. Given the demand for laborers in fruit picking and harvesting, working holidaymakers have the opportunity to explore rural Australia, earn income, enjoy complimentary accommodation, and fulfill the required three months of work, extending their Working Holiday visa. The Harvest Trail proves invaluable in understanding harvest seasons and securing jobs throughout the year.

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If you’re a working vacationer seeking hands-on experience in business and customer relations, a career in sales could be an excellent choice. Besides the potential perks like in-store discounts, you can acquire valuable skills to enhance your resume upon returning home. With daytime hours, you’ll have ample opportunities to explore and forge new connections. Australia offers numerous sizable malls where you can kickstart your job search.


For individuals skilled in communication, a call centre role might be the perfect fit. As a call centre operator, you’ll handle consumer inquiries, manage client data, and route calls to the appropriate departments. Working in a call centre provides transferable skills such as organization, data processing, and multitasking that are applicable across various professions.


Housekeeping jobs are often a preferred choice for backpackers and working vacationers, offering not only pay but also free accommodation in some of Australia’s most picturesque locations, like the lush rainforest of Daintree or the stunning seas of Margaret River. Along with earning wages for their work, housekeepers in hostels, hotels, and boutique homestays may occasionally have the option to volunteer a few hours each week in exchange for complimentary lodging.


Immersing yourself in the heart of some of the world’s largest events can offer unparalleled professional experience. Melbourne hosts numerous significant annual events, including the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Open, and the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. The Australian Open, for instance, presents diverse job opportunities ranging from site crew roles to positions in hospitality. Beyond Melbourne, other cities offer event positions, with notable examples being the Brisbane Festival, WOMAdelaide, and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


While volunteering may not involve financial compensation, it presents a valuable chance to acquire essential skills and contribute to a cause close to your heart. Whether working as a volunteer on an organic farm in exchange for free lodging and board, safeguarding diverse ecosystems in Western Australia, or aiding in the rehabilitation of Australian wildlife at a refuge in Queensland, each option allows you to depart Australia with a richer understanding of its people, places, and unique wildlife.