First-Time Buyers- Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide to Securing a Mortgage and Purchasing a Home

First-Time Buyers: Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide to Securing a Mortgage and Purchasing a Home


So that you can be as well-prepared as possible for your upcoming mortgage journey, below we have collected a list of the 10 stages involved in the mortgage process for First-Time Buyers in Hull.

Step one: Schedule a no-cost mortgage consultation by calling the number listed

You’re a first-time buyer in Hull and you’re ready to take out a mortgage and buy your first property. Realizing that this is going to be one of the biggest financial choices you’ve ever made can be a bit of a wake-up call if you’ve never done anything like this before.

It is at this stage that the assistance of a professional mortgage broker in Hull can be of great assistance. Our mission is to alleviate your anxiety and help you secure a mortgage and your first house as quickly and favorably as possible.


Upon your initial contact with us, we will schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with a qualified mortgage adviser in Hull. Before beginning your procedure, we’ll collect your information and review your proposed steps here.

Affordability Analysis of a Mortgage, the Next Step In terms of money, how are you holding up?

During your no-cost mortgage consultation, you can have them work through a Mortgage Affordability Assessment with you. To determine whether or not you can afford the monthly repayments of the mortgage amount you’re looking to borrow, your dedicated mortgage adviser will go over your monthly income and regular expenses (what you spend your money on).

Before recommending you to a lender, we need to be sure that you can comfortably make your monthly payments without placing the lender at risk of arrears and, eventually, repossession.

Since the lender typically conducts their own Mortgage Affordability Assessment, our preliminary check will help save the lender, ourselves, and most crucially you time in the event that your application is denied due to insufficient income or other factors related to affordability.

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In the third phase, you’ll get an agreement in principle for a mortgage

Getting a Mortgage Agreement in Principle is the next stage in the process. Prior to meeting with a First Time Buyer Mortgage Advisor in Hull, you may have seen this concept referred to by a few different titles. The phrases “Decision in Principle” and “Mortgage in Principle” are commonly abbreviated as “DIP” and “AIP,” respectively. The only distinction between them is in the moniker.

A Mortgage Agreement in Principle certifies that your preliminary credit score has been approved by a lender, either through a hard credit search (which leaves a credit trace) or a soft search (which does not affect your credit score). (which does not leave a credit footprint).


Although this is a crucial stepping stone toward your ultimate objective, it does not ensure mortgage approval. The seller will know you mean business if you present this paper, and you may be able to use that to negotiate a better price.

The duration of your AIP typically ranges from 30 to 90 days, and it is simple to extend it once it has run out. Within the first day of your scheduled meeting, our staff will do their best to produce one of these for you.

The Fourth Step: Selecting an Attorney

After reaching an Agreement in Principle, the next step in the home-buying process is to hire a Conveyancing Solicitor (or Conveyancer, a less formal term) to handle the legal aspects of the transaction. Conveyancing is the formal process of transferring property ownership from one party to another, whether you are the buyer or the seller.

Your Conveyancing Solicitor will be able to manage contracts, provide legal counsel if necessary, perform searches with the relevant authorities, communicate with the Land Registry, and facilitate the transfer of funds for the purchase of the property. This is a crucial position in your organization, so you’ll want to take your time in making your selection.

It’s also worth noting that general Solicitors offer a wider range of services and may appear more expensive at first glance, but Licensed Conveyancers are property experts who can’t handle complex legal issues. Although we do not provide these services in-house, your Hull-based Mortgage Advisor has a selection of reputable providers from which to choose.

The Fifth Stage: Making an Offer on a House

Your conversation with a mortgage broker in Hull has resulted in an Agreement in Principle, a Mortgage Affordability Assessment, and the selection of a Conveyancing Solicitor to handle the legalities. You’ve come this far, so the next step is to place an offer on the home you want to buy.

As was previously stated, you will be in a much stronger position to negotiate on price with an Agreement in Principle in hand. Don’t be hesitant to ask for a discount, but don’t go too low or you risk offending the seller and escalating the situation. If the seller knows you have an AIP, they are more likely to sell to you than to someone who is ready to pay the asking price but is unprepared.

In case the vendor rejects your initial offer, you can either try to come up with a better one or look for something else. You’re in the home stretch now that an offer has been approved; contact your mortgage advisor.

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Document Submission (Step 6)

Let’s circle back to the mortgage application process and talk about a major milestone: turning in the paperwork. Mortgage lenders, as you might assume with such a large sum of money, are picky about who they give loans to.

You’ll need to show proof of who you are, how much money you make, where you reside, and how well you manage your finances, among other things. In the case of a combined mortgage application, both borrowers will need to provide the aforementioned materials.

You’ll need to show identification, a utility bill showing your current address, your most recent pay stub and P60 if you have a job, or your Tax Year Overview if you’re self-employed in Hull, as well as proof of any income, including state benefits or maintenance, proof of deposit, and bank statements from the previous 90 days.

We will move forward with your mortgage application, the seventh step

Now that we have reached an agreement in principle on your mortgage and your offer has been accepted, you can send your complete mortgage application. Your Hull-based Mortgage Advisor and his or her staff of Mortgage Administrators have double-checked all of the application materials, and now it’s time to send the package to the lender.

Your adviser will submit all of the accumulated supporting evidence for this, and then you will just have to wait to hear back about whether or not your application was successful. Even though there is no set time limit, our Mortgage Administration department can inquire about this on your behalf.

Step Eight: Survey and/or Appraisal of the Property

Lenders typically want a valuation study done between the time you apply for a mortgage and when you receive an offer. Lenders often have approved third parties handle these tasks on their behalf. (someone who they trust).

The goal of this exercise is to compare the agreed-upon price for the property with its actual market worth. Lenders may be less receptive to your offer if it’s higher than the property’s fair market value because they stand to lose more money in the case of default. A “Down Valuation” is the common term for this situation.

When it comes to polls, there are a number of different options, each with its own price tag. Some will be interested only in the property’s current market value, while others will go further and report on any structural issues or future repairs that may be required. Choosing the proper survey can be difficult, but your Hull Mortgage Advisor can help.

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Finally, you’ll receive a mortgage offer, the ninth step

This is finally your chance to shine. Your Mortgage Offer will be presented to you after the lender has reviewed your file and evaluated the supporting paperwork.

You’ve worked with our helpful Mortgage Advisors and Administrators in Hull throughout this process, and now they’ll review the offer to make sure it’s in order. You should hire a Conveyancing Solicitor to see the purchase through to conclusion once you have an offer on a mortgage.

The Finale, or Tenth Step

Now that you’ve purchased your first home in Hull, you can call yourself a proud Hull homeowner. The last of your worries should now be behind you, and we wish you the best as you settle into your new house and start a new chapter in your life. Now, all you have to do is pick up the keys and settle in. We appreciate you choosing our mortgage advice service in Hull, and we hope you had a pleasant conversation with our staff. At the conclusion of your fixed-rate mortgage period, we will contact you again to assist you with your Remortgage.